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What Do I Do If An Investigator From My Professional Licensing Board Contacts Me?

The most important thing that a licensee can do when contacted by an investigator is to determine the nature of the inquiry and to contact an attorney with experience in professional licensing and discipline matters. While you are always allowed to represent yourself, and you are able to take questions from the investigators, it is always better to have a lawyer evaluate what the investigators are asking for.

While the investigators may be perfectly friendly, they are there because they are investigating some aspect of your practice. Remember that your license is your livelihood, and any action taken by a board against your license could impact your ability to earn a living. Many people often assume that because they did not do anything wrong, they have nothing to hide and they may as well get the questions over with as soon as possible. Remember that the investigators, while doing their jobs, are not your friends. They are there to conduct an investigation into some aspect of your practice.

Therefore, it is always advisable to contact an attorney first before allowing access or answering questions.

If you have been contacted by your licensing board, contact a qualified NJ Healthcare Licensing Attorney as soon as possible. I offer a free consultation and can be reached at 937-377-0007.

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