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I Have Been Fined By My Licensing Board – Can The Board Collect The Money?

Not only can the board collect the money, they can also take action against your license if you fail to pay a fine or other assessment made against you.  In fact, there was an article in the October 30, 2011 Star Ledger authored by Christopher Baxter, which highlighted the failure of the boards to take steps to collect outstanding amounts.  You can see the article here.

Based upon this article, it is highly likely that the boards will step up their efforts to collect past due amounts.  In addition, it may make it more difficult to set up a payment plan in the event there is a fine.

The boards have the authority to suspend or revoke a license for failure to pay a fine.  In addition, the board can take steps to record the fine as a judgment which can then become a lien on real property.  Lastly, the board will add to the initial amount both interest and costs of the suit.

If you are a Healthcare Professional and have an outstanding fine, it’s my guess that a push to collect is not going to pretty.  Give me a call at 937-377-0007 and we can review your options.

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