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Why Would A Licensing Board Investigate or Want To Talk With Me?

The reasons for an investigation include a complaint by a patient, a trend that the board is noticing in terms of a particular practice area, the board may be taking an initiative with respect to certain issues and want to investigate doctors in a particular area.

The investigation may be a reaction to another type of case.  For example, if a licensee was involved in insurance fraud or some other action that resulted in a civil or criminal prosecution, the board may want to take action as a result of that.

The board will take action against a licensee who pleads guilty to a crime or if there is a finding in a civil action against a licensee for any type of fraud.  This includes any type of action by Medicaid or Medicare with respect to billing.

If you are being investigated by a NJ Licensing Board or they are requesting to speak with, it’s in your best interest to speak with a NJ Licensing Defense Attorney.

I offer a free, no obligation consultation for any licensed professional in the state – call 973-377-0007.

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