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Can The Consent Order Be negotiated?

Negotiation of a proposed settlement or Consent Order in NJ is always possible.  The ability to reduce the proposed penalty depends on the mitigating factors that the licensee can present to show that the proposed penalty is too great in relation to the conduct that was the subject of the inquiry.

For example, a proposed Consent Order may have a suspension for a certain period of time.  The proposed negotiation of that suspension period would be to reduce or eliminate the suspension period.

The ability to negotiate a suspension downward obviously depends on the facts of the case and the ability of the licensee along with counsel to demonstrate that they are working in good faith to resolve the matter.

Another option that is potentially negotiable is if there was a penalty proposed to reduce the amount of the penalty.  In addition, even if the penalty cannot be negotiated downwards, it may be possible to set up a payment schedule for the penalty.

If you are facing disciplinary charges from your New Jersey Licensing Board, why not pick up the phone and speak to an experienced New Jersey Licensing Defense Attorney…and find out what options you really have.

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