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What Does The Term ‘Cutting Out Fraud And Abuse’ Mean To My Healthcare Practice?

When government officials are asked about how health care reform is going to be paid for, the answer in invariably that they are going to cut out fraud and abuse.

There are inspector generals, fraud prosecutors, and insurance company special investigators units, and all of them are looking to get in on the action of stopping fraud and abuse. However, that is not to say that there is not fraud and abuse.

What it means for the practitioner is that there are many layers of governmental agencies, as well as private organizations, that have the right, and they believe, the duty to investigate practitioners. This can be dangerous for the practitioner because an adverse finding by one investigation authority can lead to investigations and sanctions by another body.

Thus, it is very important that if you are contacted by any type of investigator, that you recognize the broader implications of what an investigation may mean.

If you have any questions regarding investigations or other licensing board activities, contact the Law Office of Attorney Rich West at 973-377-0007 for more information.

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