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Attorney For Dentists Facing Drug Diversion Issues In New Jersey

Help For Drug Diversion Investigations, Hearings & Formal Charges for Dentists in New Jersey

The use prescription medication is regulated for a reason, but for New Jersey dentists trying to ensure that their patients have adequate pain control, writing the right prescription can feel like gambling.

Today, law enforcement and healthcare regulators, such as those with the New Jersey State Board of Dentistry or even the state police and DEA, have an extremely high level vantage point from which to monitor the distribution of prescription medication to dental patients.

From computerized record-keeping to cutting edge data analytics tools, every time you prescribe, your actions are being scrutinized.

When any agency discovers what it considers irregularities in your use of prescription drugs or even in your billing practices to Medicaid and Medicare, it may suspect you of illegal drug diversion.

This means that prescription drugs, usually prescription painkillers, are being diverted from their intended purpose and are being used recreationally.

Events that can trigger a drug diversion allegation include prescribing unusually large doses of pain medication, prescribing in circumstances that authorities feel is medically unnecessary, or even the personal consumption of prescription pain medication by a dentist with a substance abuse problem.

Experienced Help for NJ Dentists Accused of Drug Diversion: Board Investigations, Hearings & Criminal Charges

Allegations of drug diversion are almost a life-and-death issue for New Jersey dentists. If the charge is substantiated, you’ll face jail time, huge fines, and a high probability of a lifetime revocation of your license to practice dentistry.

It is vital that you take immediate steps to protect yourself and your career when you’re being investigated for, or have been charged with, drug diversion.

In many cases, the criminal issue can be resolved through the documentation you keep on your patients, but often this boils down to a record-keeping problem, which can still subject you to disciplinary penalties by the Board of Dentistry.

Developing an appropriate defense that encompasses both the criminal matter against you and the long-term career implications for you is something that can only be handled by an attorney who is well versed in both criminal defense and professional license defense.

My name is Rich West, and my legal practices focuses on dentists and other healthcare providers in New Jersey who are facing issues with criminal charges, disciplinary matters, or both.

Drug diversion charges are extremely serious, and if not handled appropriately, you could end up in prison, facing massive fines, and find yourself unemployable in your field when you get out.

Your first step has to be to call in experienced legal guidance for the matters before you. There’s no advantage to voluntarily sitting for an interview with investigators without an attorney by your side. Everything you say really will be used against you.

You need an attorney who knows how these investigations are conducted and how to challenge the evidence that is being compiled against you.

Whatever your situation, the best outcomes happen when you are represented by an experienced criminal defense and professional license defense attorney who defends New Jersey dentists against drug diversion charges.

Call me today at 973-377-0007 for a free consultation if you have an issue with the Dental Board with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.