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Attorney For Home Health Care Aides Facing New Jersey Board of Nursing Investigations & Hearings

Division of Consumer Affairs Professional License Defense for CHHHAs in New Jersey

Certified Homemaker-Home Health Aides provide home health care services under the supervision of a registered nurse, and the CHHHA profession is regulated by the New Jersey Board of Nursing.

Professionals working in the field of home health care experience a uniquely high risk of consumer complaints because of the nature of their work.

If you’ve been contacted by the Board of Nursing regarding an investigation against you, you should know that you have rights as a home care aide.

While you have a responsibility to cooperate with investigators, you are not obligated to work with them directly, and you do have the right to be represented by counsel in any matter before the Board of Nursing.

Since your ability to pursue your career as a home health aide, you should choose the most experienced professional license defense attorney you can find.

Rich West Law: Defending Home Health Care Aides Against the Board of Nursing

When you’re facing allegations of professional misconduct as a Home Health Care Aide in New Jersey, don’t risk losing your right to work in your field in the state, with a black mark that will follow you anywhere you go.

As an attorney with years of experience working for the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, I know exactly what investigators are looking for, and how best to approach any investigation against a CHHHA in New Jersey.

Often, matters can be cleared up without significant impact on you or your career, but in harder cases, having an experienced professional license defense attorney at your side could mean the difference between a long career in a huge growth industry and losing your ability to work in your field forever.

Call me, Richard West, today at 973-377-0007 for a free consultation with an experienced New Jersey healthcare provider license defense attorney.