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Attorney For Pharmacists Facing New Jersey State Board of Pharmacy Investigations & Hearings

New Jersey Professional License Defense For Pharmacists in New Jersey

Pharmacists in New Jersey practice under the auspices of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and the Board of Pharmacy.

If you’ve been contacted by the Board about a consumer complaint or an investigation against you, you’re probably feeling a lot of concern and stress right now.

The most important thing you can do at this time is to reach out to an experienced New Jersey Pharmacist License Defense Attorney, who can make sure you that your written responses and any testimony you provide to the Board will work for you, whatever the nature of the allegations against you.

You’ve spent years and many thousands of dollars training to become a pharmacist, successfully found a professional role, and now you’re looking at possible sanction or even losing your ability to work in your field. When it comes to assertions of professional misconduct, your matter doesn’t have to advance to that level, nor does it have to cost you your future.

Representing New Jersey Pharmacists Against The Board of Pharmacy

You are required to cooperate with the Board during an investigation, but you are not required to forego legal representation, or navigate the potential minefield of written responses and administrative hearings without having an experienced guide to protect your rights and interests.

I’m Richard West, and I’m an attorney representing licensed pharmacists in New Jersey who are facing investigations or disciplinary actions by the Board of Pharmacy.

Most matters, if handled promptly and forthrightly, can be closed before they develop into something serious, but whatever the issue you’re facing,

I’ve probably been through it as both an attorney for pharmacists, and a former employee of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.

I can help protect your right to work in a profession you love. Call me today at 973-377-0007 to speak to an experienced pharmacist license defense attorney absolutely free.