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Criminal Defense Attorney for Physicians in New Jersey

When a doctor is charged with drug diversion, stopped for DWI or charged in a criminal matter, even when the charges are minor, the matter will be reported to the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, who will refer it to the Board of Medical Examiners for review.

While most people are focused on keeping their driver’s license after a DWI, a doctor has to be concerned about keeping his or her license to practice medicine.

Whether a criminal matter you’re facing relates to your practice of medicine or not, the Board has an interest in the facts of the case and the outcome.

You need an experienced criminal defense attorney who is also well versed in the internal workings of New Jersey’s Board of Medical Examiners and in protecting physicians who may have made mistakes in their personal lives, but don’t deserve to be banished from medicine.

Protecting NJ Physicians in Court and in Front of the Board For Disciplinary Actions

My name is Richard West, and as a criminal defense attorney, I work with healthcare professionals across the spectrum to fight the charges against them as well as protecting them from disciplinary processes by the Board.

I spent much of my career with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and I’m extremely knowledgeable about how the Board operates, how disciplinary matters are evaluated, and how best to approach interactions with investigators and in hearings.

Physicians facing a DWI, a drug arrest, or even something as significant as allegations of healthcare fraud or other work-related conduct must take conscientious steps to ensure that their exposure to sanction is limited, in court and in front of the Board.

Call me today at 973-377-0007 to discuss your criminal matter with an experienced criminal defense and medical license defense attorney, for free.