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New Jersey Attorney For Physician Facing Drug Diversion Charges

Help For Drug Diversion Investigations, Hearings & Formal Charges for Doctors in New Jersey

The explosive growth of the illicit prescription drug market in the last few decades has brought an equally explosive response from state, federal, and local law enforcement agencies.

Today, doctors in NJ are policed like never before, and even those acting entirely appropriately may be investigated by one or more agencies for drug diversion.

With the advance of computerized record keeping and data analytics, regulators and law enforcement in New Jersey have more visibility into how physicians use prescription medication with their patients than ever before. You won’t even know you’ve done something to raise red flags until it’s too late.

When a physician is accused of administering prescription drugs when it isn’t medically necessary, selling prescription drugs outright, or providing prescriptions to a patient knowing they would be diverted for another purpose, the consequences can be catastrophic.

Physicians in pain management practices are particularly under threat from investigators from agencies within the State of New Jersey all the way up to the FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration, ending with potential disciplinary actions by the NJ Medical Board.

Your ability to practice medicine is under attack, and you have to take every possible step to protect yourself and your career.

What Is Considered Drug Diversion in New Jersey

Drug diversion simply means that prescription drugs have been diverted from their intended purpose, which gives the government wide leeway in investigating diversion cases. If you provide a large number of prescription pain pills to a patient who is caught selling them, you may come under suspicion of drug diversion.

Similarly, when the DEA or another agency suspects you are providing prescription drugs to patients who don’t need them to treat their diagnosed illness, you may find yourself under investigation. In some cases, drug diversion is a symptom of a physician’s own substance abuse problem.

Drug Diversion and Fraud In NJ As It Relates To Physicians

If you’re being investigated for drug diversion, your treatment and billing records will come under close scrutiny. Any fraudulent bills submitted to Medicare or Medicaid can result in criminal charges and a lifetime exclusion from the programs. Insurance fraud is another common crime associated with drug diversion, all of which can amount to a costly penalty that will likely include jail time, fines, loss of your license, and an end to your career.

Experienced Help for NJ Doctors Accused of Drug Diversion: State Board of Medical Examiners Investigations & Hearings & Criminal Charges

Charges of drug diversion can cost you everything as a New Jersey physician, and even an investigation can be devastating to your reputation and ability to practice effectively.

You must defend your right to your livelihood with an experienced healthcare attorney who understands the issues and potential outcomes in any drug diversion case against a doctor in New Jersey.

Protecting your rights starts with a phone call to an attorney who focuses on issues facing physicians and other medical professionals.

Call me, Rich West, today at 973-377-0007 for a free consultation about your drug diversion case.