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Attorney For Nurses Facing New Jersey Board of Nursing Investigations & Hearings

You Worked Hard To Get Your Nursing License In NJ – We’ll Work Hard To Help You Keep It

The medical industry is growing more complex each day, and the professional life of a nurse is no exception. You have to deal with physicians, hospital administrators, insurance companies and fellow nurses. Not to mention the most important thing: your patients.

If your daily professional stresses weren’t enough of a challenge, issues in your personal life can intrude on your nursing practice, even to the point of taking your job from you.

Losing your NJ nursing license means the end of your professional career. If there’s even the smallest possibility of this happening to you, you owe it to your family—and to yourself—to fight back with every tool the law gives you.

Attorney Rich West: Helping RN’s and LPN’s in NJ

If you’re facing the loss or suspension of your nursing license, or other discipline, such as failure to address continuing education units (CEU’s), in the state of New Jersey, contact us at Rich West today. The initial consultation is free and requires no obligation.

I’ll just be there to answer your questions and develop my own understanding of your specific case, and what help I can provide.

Whether a patient or co-worker has filed a complaint against you, or you’ve been accused of criminal activity in your personal life, I can help you protect what matters most. Here’s how I do that:

  • The experience I’ve gained from helping hundreds of clients in the past with any kind of nursing license issue, including investigations, private lawsuits, administrative hearings, and cases in front of the New Jersey Board of Nursing.
  • My experience as a criminal defense attorney means that, in addition to my knowledge of licensing law, I can skillfully represent you in any capacity needed for your case, including diverting drugs.
  • My time as a senior employee with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs gave me an intimate knowledge of the policies and procedures of New Jersey’s licensing boards. I know how things work there, and how to give you the best possible chance to protect your license.

Your situation may seem hopeless, but I can tell you from experience that I’ve seen a lot of different scenarios. You don’t know what options you have until you speak with an experienced professional. If you need a Nursing License Defense attorney in New Jersey, contact me today at 973-377-0007 and let me help you protect your nursing future.