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I Have Been Sued By The New Jersey Attorney General For Price Gouging. What Should I Do?

The New Jersey Attorney General’s office and Division of Consumer Affairs are aggressively enforcing laws relating to price gouging in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. With the support of Governor Christie, they are actively investigating complaints of price gouging and are soliciting complaints through their websites and press releases.

Thus far, the lawsuits have been limited to gas stations and one hotel. However, there are many other types of businesses that may be subject to these actions. In fact, one recent article suggested that pizza restaurants may be engaging in price gouging. Check out that article here.

The current administration is going to keep price gouging at the forefront of their enforcement efforts for the near future. The regulators are basing their actions on a section of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act which prohibits price increases of greater than 10% during a declared state of emergency, or for thirty (30) days thereafter.

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