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Attorney For Physician Facing NJ Division of Consumer Affairs State Board of Medical Examiners Investigations & Hearings

Physicians, regardless of specialty, face a constant risk of allegations and complaints of misconduct in one form or another.

Whether a patient has made an accusation, there are questions about potential billing irregularities with your practice, or even a criminal arrest, protecting yourself at the first sign of involvement by the Board of Medical Examiners is key.

Earning the right to practice medicine took years of your life and represents an enormous financial investment.

When the Board begins asking a physician questions or seeking written responses from you, it’s extremely important that you find the kind of legal guidance that can make sure you respond appropriately in order to, whenever possible, close down an investigation before it proceeds further.

Protecting Physicians from Professional Misconduct Allegations in New Jersey

The Board doesn’t work the way that a courtroom works. Standards of evidence are different, and there’s no jury to evaluate any testimony or evidence you give.

In addition, the time frames involved in an investigation of a physician can be counted in months or longer, meaning that key details become hard to remember and supporting documentation may be difficult to find.

Working with an experienced professional license defense attorney means that your case will get the care it deserves, and your chances of avoiding sanction improve dramatically, whether it’s a professional misconduct matter, a criminal issue or even a drug diversion matter.

Legal Assistance With Disciplinary Actions & The Medical Practitioner Review Panel

My name is Richard West, and I spent years as an employee of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, where I saw investigations of physicians begin and, in too many cases, end badly for good doctors.

I know what the Board is looking for when it comes to responding to complaints or allegations of misconduct, and how to properly face investigators and hearings if the process advances to that stage.

Call me today at 973-377-0007 for a free consultation with an experienced New Jersey medical license defense attorney.