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Medical License Defense

You Spent Years Earning Your Medical License. Now It’s Time to Protect It

It’s something that you’ve probably learned through experience: protecting your right to practice is just as difficult as becoming a physician in the first place. In addition to the worry about a misdiagnosis or other human error leading to a malpractice suit, difficulties can come from the way you’ve billed a patient’s insurance, how certain fees were split, how prescriptions were dispensed, and even the way you advertised certain services.

Not to mention if you’ve experienced any kind of substance abuse or drunk driving charges in your personal life—or if you’ve been accused of criminal activity—there is the possibility of losing your license permanently.

Attorney Rich West: Defending the Rights of Physicians in New Jersey

If you’re worried about losing your medical license in the state of New Jersey, contact me, attorney Rich West today. If any kind of claim has been filed against you, or if an investigator has contacted you in any way, it’s extremely important to seek counsel immediately. Even if you’re certain the charges are baseless, you need to take steps to protect yourself. You’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars—and a number of years—getting your medical license.

I can help you protect that investment, and will do everything within the power of the law to keep you practicing medicine.

By extending to you a complimentary, no-obligations consultation, I can examine your case and determine your best course of action. I have a vast amount of experience with licensing law in the state of New Jersey combined with criminal defense practice. Due to my time as an employee of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, I also understand how licensing boards work—so if your case comes before the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners, I’ll be able to guide you through the process quickly and effectively.

After you contact me, we’ll discuss the specifics of your issue, including:

  • What allegations have been brought against you, and what the possible disciplinary measures may be.
  • Whether or not your case will be brought before The New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners, or if it will be handled by a different administrative body with different procedures.
  • What the best possible outcome would be for your case, and what rights are given to you by law to protect your license and your practice.

And much more. And if you would like me to help, I will. Contact me today at 973-377-0007 and let me do everything possible to keep you doing what you love.