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Attorney For Dentists Facing New Jersey State Board of Dentistry Investigations & Hearings

Professional License Defense for New Jersey Dentists

When a New Jersey dentist is accused of any kind of professional misconduct, it can seem like their world is coming apart.

From the first contact by the Division of Consumer Affairs or the New Jersey State Board of Dentistry, you are stuck fearing the worst, but probably unsure what your rights are in an investigation.

Whether the investigation was triggered by a patient complaint, a billing irregularity, a criminal matter such as drug diversion, or something else entirely, you suddenly have to worry about your practice, the people who work for you, and your future.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you have a right to representation, and that an experienced New Jersey professional license defense attorney can protect your right to continue to practice dentistry in New Jersey.

Regardless of the type of allegation you are facing, your obligation to cooperate with the Board does not extend to self-incrimination.

An experienced dental license defense attorney can make all the difference in any investigation of a dentist in New Jersey.

Representing New Jersey Dentists Against The Board of Dentistry

When you’ve been contacted regarding an investigation, you should seek experienced legal help right away. I’m Richard West, and my background is with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.

I know how cases against New Jersey dentists begin at the New Jersey State Board of Dentistry, how they are investigated, and the ways they can end.

While not every case runs the risk of costing you your license and your livelihood, every disciplinary matter has an impact on your career.

Don’t take chances when you’ve been contacted by the New Jersey Board of Dentistry.

Call me today at 973-377-0007 for a free consultation with an experienced New Jersey dentistry license defense attorney.