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New Jersey Attorney For Nurses Facing Drug Diversion Charges

Help For Drug Diversion Investigations, Hearings & Formal Charges for Nurses in New Jersey

Hospitals and medical practices have a strong incentive to closely monitor the disposition of prescription drugs that are available on-site for their patients.

Computerized record keeping and advanced data analytics tools make it easier than ever to spot irregularities in the writing of prescriptions, their distribution from a pharmacy, and whether or not unused amounts were properly disposed of in a clinical setting.

Any evidence that a nurse has been diverting prescription pain killers or other medication will result in swift action against you, not only from the facility where you work, but from Nursing Board of the State of New Jersey and even the DEA and FBI.

Prescription drugs that find their way into the black market are considered a huge public health threat, and law enforcement and medical regulators take drug diversion by nurses and other healthcare workers very seriously.

Why Nurses Face More Scrutiny For Drug Diversion in NJ

The DEA defines drug diversion as the use of prescription drugs for recreational purposes, which diverts them from their intended medical use.

Because schedule I and II drugs are tightly regulated at the federal level and in all 50 states, law enforcement and organizations within the healthcare industry are always on the lookout for indications that prescription drugs are being misappropriated, either by patients or healthcare workers themselves.

When a nurse is accused of drug diversion in New Jersey, you’ll face two layers of ramifications. First, you’ll likely be suspended or fired immediately, and you’ll have criminal charges pending against you that can lead to jail time and crushing fines.

Second, even avoiding the worst of those penalties, you’ll face disciplinary action by the Board of Nursing that can mean a lifetime revocation of your nursing license.

You have to take action right away to protect yourself. An experienced drug diversion attorney who works with nurses and other healthcare providers in New Jersey can make a big difference in your case.

Don’t agree to be interviewed or questioned by investigators without counsel present. Understand that in cases like this, everything you say really will be used against you, even if you think you’re arguing for your innocence.

Experienced Help for NJ Nurses Accused of Drug Diversion: Board Investigations, Hearings & Criminal Charges

My name is Rich West, and my legal practice focuses exclusively on the needs of nurses and other healthcare providers facing investigations or charges from law enforcement and the New Jersey Board of Nursing.

I’ve been through this process with people just like you, and can help ensure that cooperation doesn’t end up being turned against you, and that allegations of improper use or distribution of prescription drugs are rebutted thoroughly and vigorously.

When a nurse is accused of drug diversion, you really don’t have a choice in the matter. You can risk jail time and ejection from your field, or you can challenge the evidence against you and fight for a better outcome.

Don’t take chances on your future, especially with charges as serious as drug diversion.

Call me today at 973-377-0007 for a free consultation with an experienced New Jersey drug diversion attorney.