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I Am A Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacist or Other Prescriber And I Have Been Asked To Appear By My Licensing Board To Discuss My CDS Prescribing Practices. What Should I Do?

You should probably talk to an attorney.  Prescription drug abuse is of major concern not only to the licensing boards, but to other regulatory bodies and law enforcement.  In fact, a recent article in the New Jersey Star Ledger highlights a new approach being taken by the New Jersey Attorney General and the Division of Consumer Affairs (cite article).

The state is starting an ambitious program to track every prescription filled for controlled dangerous substances (see the Attorney General’s Press Release here).  The purpose of this new program is to reduce the growing abuse of prescription pain killers.  Until this goal is laudable, practitioners need to be aware of the effect such a program may have on their license.  A major part of this program appears to be increased enforcement actions against prescribers who dispense large amounts of CDS.  These enforcement actions may include fines, license discipline and possible jail time.

If you have not been contacted, now would be a good time to refresh your knowledge of prescribing practices and recognizing additions.  In addition, it is critical for prescribers to have excellent security for their prescription pads.

In you have been contacted by your board for any reason, be prepared to answer questions about your prescribing practice.  Since this initiative is coming from the Attorney General, it is likely that all relevant boards will be asking questions about prescribing practices.  For that reason, licensees should consider having an experienced attorney represent them.

If you are a doctor, dentist, pharmacist or other prescriber and you been been asked to appear before your licensing board, why not speak with a New Jersey Healthcare License Defense Attorney – for free – and find out what you’re up against.  Call me at 973-377-0007.

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